practicing self-love as a teenager in a perfectionist oriented society

It’s the one topic nobody shuts up about. It’s the one topic everybody talks about. Writes about. Sings about. We see daily instagram models and influencers preaching about self-love, while two pictures to the left, they get a boob job or lip injections. Everybody around us seems to care so much, talks to us and tries to push us into a certain direction. At the end of the day we feel alone, emotionally drained and lost. It’s that simple.

So is that what self-love has come to in our society? We talk ourselves into a mindset that we don’t agree with and put on some make-up and pretend that we have never felt this great in our lives.

I think self-love and self-care are deeply connected with each other and depend on each other. But „Self-Care“ is so much more than just a face mask or a nice bath. And yes, taking care of your skin and your body is definitely part of it because it helps to build a connection with yourself and it centers you, but „self-care“ is also about taking care of your mental health, getting to know yourself and accepting your moods as they come. Allow yourself to be whatever and whoever you are that day. Find your own balance. That to me is self-care!

„Self-love“ is the more difficult part that I think a lot of people struggle with. It’s not easy. It’s not something you can achieve within a month, not even a year. It’s a lifelong task. It’s a challenge you have to face over and over again. And no matter what society tells you, if you feel stunning on one day then tell yourself that you are and go around celebrating your body, but also accept if you feel like shit on another day. The only thing we can do, is to be the best, pure, exposed version of ourselves!!! It’s that complicated and yet that simple.

Take care of yourselves

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