Blind panic rushed through her body. Her blood was frozen and she couldn’t breathe. Cold sweat ran down her neck. She felt like she was drowning, captured by unknown forces. She heard someone screaming and wanted to help, but she had no strength left. Someone was running towards her. And then everything went dark.

All of the sudden the pain was gone. She felt nothing. She saw the breathtakingly beautiful hills, where she grew up on and almost felt the warm summer breeze softly touching her face. She almost felt the wind in her hair when she ran down these hills as a young girl, worrying about nothing, thinking she could reach the stars. She could almost smell the apple pie her mom used to make in their cozy wooden kitchen. She would sing along the radio while making the best apple pie in town. How much she missed her mom. Sometimes they would go outside and watch the sunset over the hills. That was her favorite thing to do. That was before her life got messed up. That was before she had lost everything. And she wanted it back. She wanted revenge.

And with a furious look in her eyes she got up and started walking. She knew exactly where he was. And he was going to pay for what he did to her.

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