Deadly Virus

Suddenly the world stands still. No one dares to breathe.
No one dares to face the harsh reality we are surrounded with every day 
waiting to overwhelmingly crush us as soon as we check the news.
Blind panic of the unknown takes over to control what's left of the broken.
It is the first time that we lose our grip on reality locked away in our houses.

But does the virus rage over us trying to break the manifestation of serenity or tear apart the boundaries of humanity? Isn't all of this putting our confidence and attachment towards society to the test? 
We were blindsided to identify the significance of this worldwide disaster that took every single need that we seek as human beings from us. Loved ones. Culture. Adventure. And most importantly: Human touch. Human connection. Human interaction. 
So how are we supposed to confront something that keeps tearing us apart taking everything we live for and what we believe is our soul and identity, while presenting the most terrifying and ugliest parts in each and every one of us?
The only way to survive this pandemic, is to be utterly and completely truthfully human.
This is checkmate on humanity.

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