Spring Break 2021 – Intentions and Reset

I know I haven‘t been active on here lately, but there are just a lot of things happening for me right now. Doors are opening, opportunities are becoming visible and at the same time I feel overwhelmed, stressed and stuck. I seem to have lost my motivation, my vision and my focus, so I decided to set clear intentions for my spring break. I want to take this time for resting, healing, breathing, stretching, creating, meditating, self care, awareness and expression.


I don’t want to pressure myself into anything or doing anything. If I just want to lay in my bed for an entire day and not get up, than that’s okay. Just surrender. There is no point in fighting against yourself. Listen to yourself. Allow yourself to rest. It’s the only way to get back on your feet and nurture your body. In our toxic productivity culture, we were taught to be productive and busy all the time and just push through bad days, but that is the opposite thing of what we should do and it‘s not sustainable. We should just surrender and listen to our bodies. Give yourself the rest, you need and you deserve.


Give yourself time to heal. It doesn’t matter if past traumas, anxiety, expectations, pressure or just stress in school. Everybody carries some weight around with them. So take time to just be quiet and listen to yourself. What am I dealing with right now? What is weighing me down? Once you know, what’s going on inside of you, start to forgive and heal. You can do that through talking about it, writing about it, meditating or something completely different. It’s completely up to you and what works for your mind and body. It’s so important to heal because it will free you of emotional baggage and bring you closer to yourself in the process.


Take this time to focus on your expression. How are you communicating with others? With yourself? I, for example, realized that my self talk was mostly negative. I am a perfectionist and I beat myself up over the tiniest things, I am disappointed in myself and keep pushing until there is nothing left. I get so mad at myself, that my body stops functioning. I want to use this time to fully express, acknowledge and embrace all of me.


I want to create. It fulfills me in every way possible. It’s my passion and my purpose. I want to take this break to grow and keep learning, keep practicing my skills. I want to focus on creative writing, journaling, making and producing music and just fueling my soul with creativity. It’s something I have been missing in my life for the past couple weeks and I desperately need it. It’s essential for my existence (I know how cheesy that sounds haha) and it helps me with healing. It’s my way of expressing myself and connecting with myself.


I not only want to take care of my body through stretching and moisturizing my face, eating healthy, sleeping and drinking lots of water. I also want to be brutally honest with myself. I want to allow myself to be whatever I am that day. I want to accept the highs and lows as they come. Embrace them. I want to fully live life and fall back in love with my life. That is true self care to me.


Our awareness is a powerful thing. Have you ever noticed that your body is able to breathe effortlessly without your help, but once you shift your awareness to your breath, you are in control of your breath? Wherever our attention goes, energy flows. I want to be fully aware of the privilege of being alive. Feeling the sun on my face. Being free. Not having to hide. Growing up in a loud, crazy, caring and genuinely loving family. Being surrounded by love and joy and positivity. I want to be fully present in this moment, right now. And I’m going to enjoy every single minute of it.

That’s it for today. I hope that we can all take this break to reset and refocus. Always follow your intuition and listen to yourself. Remember: You deserve this!!

Take care of yourselves

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