The Mockingbird

We wanted it. We read it. We supported it.
We are all to blame with ignorance and shame, 
ripping someone of the privilege of being alive and flooding the world with ache.
One night in Paris is all it takes for the mockingbird that brought us hope to break.

Taking her everything. We cut her life out 
and pushed a light into the darkness to be forever lost.
A light so bright, it shattered the world in broken glass, 
left it with nothing to hold onto except for the unraveling lingering guilt. 
The world was flooded with fire trying to understand 
the devastating gravity of this tragedy. 
Suffering through the cuts
of an angel's wings turning into dust.

Her legacy of kindness and tremendous morality 
carving a difficult and dark personal journey full of manipulation 
was finally evolving into a global force 
of purely shattering, all-consuming humanity. 
Endless hunger that fueled the world for so long 
embraced the darkness in the end and caused her strength to break
dissolving into the flowers of heaven. 

The greatest irony of all: The girl with the name of the ancient goddess of hunting, was in the end the most hunted person of the modern age.

Her Brother

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