Auswandern/Emigrating (#WritingFriday)

Wenn du jetzt sofort auswandern könntest, wohin würde es dich ziehen? Wie würde dein Leben dort aussehen? Wärst du glücklicher?

If you could emigrate right now, where would you go? What would your life look like there? Would you be happier?

Emigrating. Immigrating. A complete life change. I always felt like the thought of moving to another country and starting over was this mystical, magical and powerful measure of living life to its fullest potential. Learning a new language, getting a new job and apartment, making new friends and getting to know a new culture. Since I can remember, I have loved traveling. The anticipation of packing your suitcase, while listening to music, dancing around your room and dreaming about what adventures lie ahead of you. The excitement every time you step out of an airplane. The way you soak everything in. The smells, sights and sounds. Everything seems different and magical.

That’s why I decided early on that I wanted to do an exchange year during high school, so I spent 8 months (it got cut short due to corona – I was supposed to stay 10 months) in a tiny city in the middle of Indiana, USA. The year was filled with sunrises, carpool karaoke, eating way too many donuts, basketball games, fast food trips, tears, homesickness, anxiety, movie and game nights, shopping trips, pizza and sunsets. There were so many ups and downs that I can hardly count them. I was confronted with the harsh reality of prejudices and stereotypes and what it means to be an ambassador of your own country. What it means to be a German girl in a society that seams to never got past world war two.

On the other hand, I truly learnt to measure my own worth and how to not give a fuck about what people think of you. I learnt how friendly and selfless Americans can be, how up front and how sweet. I learned so much during these 8 months and even though I had bad days, bad weeks and even bad months, I don’t regret a single minute of it. I came with high expectations, got disappointed, got surprised and came out stronger, more independent and with new insights of what this life has to offer and how I want to spend my time on this earth. That’s was more than I could ever ask for.

One of my highlights during my exchange year were (big surprise!!) my travels. I got the opportunity to spend a week in Washington DC (September 2019) and in Los Angeles (December 2019). Both impacted me differently, but LA truly changed my life. So many things (that were not planned) happened there and I just couldn’t believe that the universe was being so nice to me. It was love at first sight. I immediately fell for the city of angels and knew I wanted to come back after graduation to live here for a longer period of time.

So, to (finally) answer the question ;-), if I could move to another country/city right now, it would probably be Los Angeles and I would go there to study Performing Arts at the AMDA college. I would have a day job and audition for movies and musicals, while continuing to make and produce my own music and just living my dream. Here is my blogpost about my journey and plans for the future in more detail:

Would I be happier? I genuinely believe that happiness comes from inside of us and is a choice that we make every single day, so I don’t think that the location would directly influence our happiness, but maybe it would make the decision easier.

Where would you go? And why?

Wohin würdest du auswandern? Und warum? Ich liebe es über Reisen zu quatschen und neue Perspektiven zu neuen Ländern/Städten kennenzulernen, also ab in die Kommentare damit 😉

Take care of yourselves

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