Waking up with this feeling inside
that makes me want to sing our heaven's melody in perfect harmony with a long lost friend 
who finally showed up again to teach us the cruel importance of fulfilling warmth. 
All this waiting has an end.

Stepping out the door to breathe in the blend of perfect synchronicity 
between floral sweetness and colored fruits
reminding me of lingering roots 
that dare to break through the surface with a joyful cheer
announcing that they are finally here.

Laying on the grass as the clouds pass by and leave you with the overtaking urge to rise up and fly 
to the sky that dares you to feel.
Something. A connection. A reflection of all four elements melting into one human being. Seeing that everything around us resonates as an extension of our self. An entire universe in one.
Riding shot gun on a bright afternoon, a light breeze in your hair, sun on your face, on your way to a blue lagoon that lays protected from reality in the midst of sacred silence. Your mind is trying to grasp the serendipity of this truly, unbelievably magical day. There is only one way to go. Forward. With effortless love and the most authentic expression, there is only one question that remains:

How do I get to be alive?

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