Sometimes, it's hard to communicate your values and truth
across to an older generation far away from their youth 
and treasury moments of this lifetime. 
Harsh words, broken hearts, misunderstood. 
Something that neither one of us could 
easily grasp out of the bliss air to shrink into nothingness. 
I'm hurt in a way that burns my soul to pieces 
or was it just my ego? 
We all live in a bubble thinking we can define the rights and wrongs, 
where we struggle to get along sometimes. 
It's hard to declutter your own beliefs and accept the fact to reconsider 
another path of someones all-consumed truth. 
Sometimes, we have to adapt and try to understand each others foundation that we are building upon. Move on. That's the only way to keep the devious, penetritious cycle of madness going 
that reminds us that there is more out of our little universe than our truth.

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