I want it. 
I want it so bad. 
It twists my head, rips out my brain. 
It burns through my chest like a never ending hungry flame 
that brings the sweet bitterness of ravishing pain. 
It is as raw and flawed as love itself. 
Something so magical and powerful that tears down walls of conscience and attacks my pure sanity. 
It fills me up like a hurricane of emotions that seemingly last for an eternity. 
No one in sight. A constant fight against my inner desire. 
I just can't hold it together anymore. It's setting me on fire 
on the path running behind to find the one thing in life that I dare to ask for: 
A love that consumes me. 
Every inch of my body. Every moment of every time on this earth
making it so much more worth than any other thing. 
Every night I cry on behalf of my loneliness defined being. 
I want to dive into the ever freeing feeling of nothingness 
and keep dreaming, staring burnt out at my bedroom ceiling. 

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