I can feel my blood pumping through my veins 
anxiously waiting to reach my heart that is about to jump out of my chest. 
Sweaty palms remind me of the upcoming envadour.  
The start of something new. 
Just around the corner. I can feel the slight breeze on my face. 
Touching every single nerve in my body. Brushing over it with just one gaze.

A million doubts and questions are raising in my head. 
Questions that I don't have the answers to. 
I feel like I can't move.
A rocky road lies ahead and I know that I still have to say goodbye.
I can tase the sweet bitterness of devastation in my mouth and want to cry.
I don't want to leave it behind because it taught me so much about my mind.
The only thing left to do is softly and with the voice thick of emotions say a "thank you" to my best friend.
Let's make this new chapter never end.
and with a tear falling down my cheek and a smile on my face, I finally turn the page.

Thank you for everything! Please follow me into a new chapter of my life!!

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