Shifting Worlds

Darkness surrounding the silent goodbyes resonating with the sounds of a time I can never go back to as far as the sky. Tears reflecting the ocean between my heart and my soul. Subtle noises embracing the falling dream and stars shine onto the route into the unknown.

Consuming emotions

I don’t know what to do I have so much anger inside I know you can’t follow through Because I seem cool on the outside A burning flame takes over I am losing control Where is my composure? I seek peace for my soul A well-known sadness Dark thoughts in my head I feel lost … Mehr Consuming emotions

On the road

Moving through the dark Tired faces all around Stars shine with a spark This is the silence we found Moving through the dawn Waking faces all around Mountains shadowing with yawn This is the placidity we found The world is drunk with glow Happy faces all around The sun and the sky, they show This … Mehr On the road