I can feel my blood pumping through my veins anxiously waiting to reach my heart that is about to jump out of my chest. Sweaty palms remind me of the upcoming envadour. The start of something new. Just around the corner. I can feel the slight breeze on my face. Touching every single nerve in … Mehr Goodbyes


I want it. I want it so bad. It twists my head, rips out my brain. It burns through my chest like a never ending hungry flame that brings the sweet bitterness of ravishing pain. It is as raw and flawed as love itself. Something so magical and powerful that tears down walls of conscience … Mehr Craving


The way she talks about the serendipity of her past angered sadness going through one of life’s most challenging phase. The way she fights through her battle’s torturing madness on end. The way she glows radiating an endless form of love through every cell of her skin and every touch. The way she shows that … Mehr Rebirth


Waking up with this feeling inside that makes me want to sing our heaven’s melody in perfect harmony with a long lost friend who finally showed up again to teach us the cruel importance of fulfilling warmth. All this waiting has an end. Stepping out the door to breathe in the blend of perfect synchronicity … Mehr Summerdays


Love only compensates the individual with illusion through souls that crave an emotion, they are incapable of falling into as long as they are human. But isn’t humanity the one thing that destroys or creates a soul capable of loving the illusion? Isn’t love an evidential part of our longing existence? Then how can people … Mehr Love

The Dream

She was surrounded by darkness rushing around her in silent waves. Trying to mock her, trying to stop her, Trying to make her fall, trying to break her, Trying to push her back against the wall. But she rose from the ground every time Never stopped her climb towards the unreachable, unshakable, unbreakable, unachievable And … Mehr The Dream

Schneelandschaft (#WritingFriday)

Ich habe für diesen Writing Friday zwei kurze Gedichte über Schneelandschaften verfasst und aufgeschrieben, was diese Gedichtsformen ausmacht! Probiert es gerne auch mal selber aus 😉 Elfchen (Vers/Wörter: 1/1, 2/2, 3/3, 4/4, 5/1) Schnee Aufgeregte Herzen Herrlich und kristallklar Mit Wollmütze ins Freie Lebensglück Haiku (Japanischer Dreizeiler ; Silbenschema: 5-7-5) Weiß funkelt der Schnee, als … Mehr Schneelandschaft (#WritingFriday)

Shifting Worlds

Darkness surrounding the silent goodbyes resonating with the sounds of a time I can never go back to as far as the sky. Tears reflecting the ocean between my heart and my soul. Subtle noises embracing the falling dream and stars shine onto the route into the unknown.