My Dream Life – My Journey (so far…)

The Future. A scary thing. Perhaps the scariest thing that ever entered my mind. Our future is this big mystery shadowing our life and the present moment. We don’t know what to expect or how to deal with it. If you dream too big, you could get disappointed. If you dream too small, you could miss your chance to fly. Some people get obsessed with their future and forget to live their life in the present. It can be incredibly difficult to figure out who you want to become and what you want out of life. It always seems so far away, but your future is right around the corner.

I always wanted to become a singer ever since I was five years old. It felt natural to me and I loved singing! When I was ten, I watched a show that inspired me to not only study singing, but also dive into dancing and acting. I loved musicals and starred in a few plays in elementary school. Later in high school, I started writing scripts and produce short movies with a group of like-minded friends. During my exchange year in the US, I went to LA and fell in love with the city. On our last day there, I bought a beautiful ring and made the promise that one day I would come back and live there during my Performing Arts studies! I came back from my exchange year in the middle of a pandemic. I had to deal with a lot of anxiety and I felt lost. Without orientation. I daydreamed a LOT and I started wrapping my head around the possibility that I could study Performing Arts after graduation. That was the first time that I really envisioned my future/dream life in every detail.

The best way to predict your future, is to create it

Abraham Lincoln

I remember feeling dizzy and anxious just thinking about it! I was so scared of this vision that I had and eventually stopped thinking about it. During summer break, we went to Italy and visited an old theatre. I felt like I was torn towards the stage. It felt comfortable and safe. It felt like home. I eventually told my mom how bad I just wanted to get up there and sing and my mum answered „why don’t you just do it?“.

When I got up on stage, my heart was racing and my hands were shaking. I thought I was gonna pass out, but then I started singing an Italien song that I learned in my vocal class. It was really quiet and my voice was scratchy, not warmed-up, but I sang through the whole song without stopping. The other tourists started listening to me and recording me. When I finished, everybody was clapping and even though it was one of the worst performances I have ever given, it was a huge success for me mentally. This magical place really opened my eyes towards my dream.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt

After that I started looking into schools around LA, I started talking about my dream with close friends and eventually opened up to my parents. I started dancing regularly, stretched for 30 minutes every day and practiced my singing. I tried to break down that big goal of mine into smaller steps and I started taking action. I performed a few times in church (scariest thing in my life haha) and discovered that performing was super scary to me and definitely lay out of my comfort zone. I thought, I would never get over it!

Over fall break, we went to Venice and I was mentally drained because I was about to give up. Then my brother started performing with his trumpet on the streets and eventually asked me, if I wanted to sing something. The first day, I was a nerve wreck, but after the first song, I started feeling more comfortable and started to enjoy it. The next day, my anxiety was completely gone and I just sang with hundreds of people passing by. I loved it! Venice thought me that you can overcome any fear that you think is stopping you from following your heart!

Since then a lot has happened: I am gonna start taking piano and more singing lessons, I am gonna keep dancing and stretching, I started songwriting and I am working on my first album right now! I am really happy and set my main focus on creativity! Yesterday evening, I found my dream school, where I want to study Musical Theatre after graduation. I am gonna live in LA or New York and live my dream life, that I first envisioned over a year ago!! For the next couple years, I am gonna work on my skills and try to become an amazing artist, so that I have the slightest chance of getting into my dream school. Its not gonna be easy and it will suck at times, but it’s gonna be worth it and I’m ready for it!! Wish me luck 😉

Work hard, Dream big

My Life Motto

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