Close Up: Michelle Obama

Hey guys! Today I want to introduce a new series on my blog called „Close Up“. Every month I’m gonna feature a person that inspires me somehow and talk a little bit about the why’s and what’s. Feel free to tell me if you like this series and talk about your role models in the comments!

Instead of letting your hardships and failures discourage or exhaust you, let them inspire you.

michelle obama

Who is she?

Michelle Obama was born January 17, 1964 in Chicago and was the First Lady of the United States of America from 2009-2017. Her husband is Barack Obama, 44th president of the US, and they have two daughters Malia (21) and Sasha (18). As first African American First Lady, she focused on supporting military families, ending childhood obesity and helping girls all around the world get an education. Her initiative „Let Girls Lern“ has empowered millions of young women to step out of their comfort zones and fight for their dreams. With the creation of her first initiative „Let’s Move!“, she became an advocate for a healthy lifestyle, introduced clean foods to end childhood obesity and even planted a vegetable garden on the Southlawn of the White House. With incredible speeches and messages like „When they go low, we go high“, she became one of the biggest role models of our time soon after stepping into the public eye. This woman just slayyyys!!!

Don’t be afraid. Be focused. Be determined.

Be hopeful. Be empowered.

Michelle Obama

Her lessons:

In November of 2018, she published her memoir „Becoming“, where she talks about her roots and how she found and used her voice as First Lady. The reader gets a deep insight on personal memories and experiences growing up as a black girl on the Southside of Chicago, dealing with racism, high expectations and coming from a poor family. The book covers her entire childhood and adolescence, studying at Princeton and Harvard Law School, how she met Barack for the first time (a true love story that makes the book even more enjoyable… least for romantics like myself ;-)), the ups and downs of a marriage, miscarriages, all-consuming love and losses. She truthfully explains how difficult stepping into the public eye and being constantly judged was. She eventually got used to it and started her own initiatives to use her voice and power to advocate for a healthy lifestyle, education and girls empowerment!! She always welcomed children with open arms into the White House and played with them in the Rose Garden.

I learned soooooooooooo much from this book! I rediscovered the importance and the value of my story and the true power of education. She taught me a deep appreciation and gratitude for the things that we have, especially the ones we take for granted. This book inspired me to take my future into my own hands, work harder, become the best version of myself, take responsibility for my actions, be loving and kind because these two things turn into weapons against hate and violence, use my voice to help others and purely step into the power of my own story. Michelle Obama is a huge role model and inspiration for me because she constantly reminds me of the importance of love, kindness, hard work, and acceptance. Besides all of that, she has this warm, encouraging, open-minded and just loving attitude that makes you feel like you can take on the world and have endless opportunities and she is a massive fashion icon!

No country can ever truly flourish if it stifles the potential of its women!

Michelle Obama

Fun Facts:

  1. She first met Barack at the law firm she was working at in Chicago and didn’t want to get involved with a fellow colleague, but Barack was very insistent.
  2. In 2006, the Essence Magazine found her to be one of the „25 of the world’s most inspiring women“ and the following year, she made it onto Vanity Fair’s „10 of the world’s best dressed people“ list.
  3. Michelle originally didn’t want to be part of the election campaign because she wanted to protect her two daughters from the spotlight and the media.
  4. She tried to sneak out of the White House the night that her husband announced the legalization of gay marriage.
  5. She won a pushup contest on The Ellen Show and loves to dance!

We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher

on our own ‚to do‘ list.

Michelle obama

Check out:

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