Spring Break 2021 – Reflection

At the beginning of spring break, I wrote about my intentions and how I wanted to use this break as a reset and refocus. If you haven’t read that post, I will link it here:

Spring Break 2021 – Intentions and Reset

This week was definitely a little crazy, but I feel like I’ve grown so much and learnt a lot about myself along the way. The first five days were incredible because I really focused on my set intentions and enjoyed every single minute of it. I had singing lesson (my favorite part of every week), took in the flair of books in my local library, very spontaneously bought myself some spaghetti ice cream on the way home and some face masks and talked to a homeless woman on the street. I was feeling happier and more balanced. More grateful. After that, I kept planning my dream summer (I can’t waittttt), wrote two blog posts and stretched during golden hour. That was only the first day.

The days after that were equally good, but then from one day to another it completely changed. I was in a very edgy kind of mood and neglected my intentions. I stopped creating and meditating and taking care of myself. I still got some stuff done, but I just wasn’t in my happy state anymore. Every day felt the same and boring. My sleep cycle got fucked up, so I was going to bed really late and as a result of that waking up really late and I was tired all day long. That led to a lot of built up frustration and I stopped a lot of good habits that I started to build before. I stopped following my intuition and and was just not feeling my best, but that was okay.

You’re gonna have bad days that will make you appreciate the good days even more. You will fall back into a pattern of bad habits and that is okay. It’s part of the process, so don’t fight against it. Just surrender. Accept it and swiftly move on.

Overall, it wasn’t a bad week at all and I got a lot of stuff done, but towards the end, I lost my focus a little bit. I am trying to get back into a healthier sleep cycle next week and nourish my body even more. I want to refocus on the following intentions: meditating, healing, self care, creating and making music. Even though I did a little bit of each area this week, I can definitely improve further. I uncovered a few layers of myself that I had completely locked up for a long time and I will take my time to heal from these experiences.

My favorite part of this first week were definitely my stretching sessions (that I did very consistently and usually turned even the bad days around) during golden hour/sunset. I would listen to some calming and relaxing music, while gently stretching my entire body and focusing on my awareness. It was an act of pure and fully nourishing self love. After the stretch session, I would lie down on my mat, just close my eyes or look at the beautiful sky and breathe. In these moments, I was aware of my privilege of being alive and I fully loved my body.

Definitely try that. Look for a patch of sun. Stretch. Breathe. Be aware. Be grateful. Kiss your toes for extra points. Self love/intimacy is fucking key you guys.

Besides stretching, breathing and awareness, I definitely met my reading intentions. I read three books and they were all very inspiring and expanded my horizon. I found my favorite book of all time that literally changed my life and my view on creativity, so here is a HUGE recommondation: „Big Magic: Creative living beyond fear“ by Elizabeth Gilbert.

That’s it for now and happy easter 🙂

Take care of yourselves (and here is a random photo dump of my week)

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