A drastic lifestyle change – Why I stopped

Climate Change. The never ending, on going topic. The topic everyone talks about, writes about and cares about. I have been a part of FFF for years now and have always been a huge advocate for improvements regarding meat consumption, plastic replacement and the reduction of CO2- Emissions in my family and my friend group. Yes, I am that kind of friend who tries to convince the others to stop wasting so much food and using plastic straws. I have been pretty successful with my mission of starting a conversation, but I’m hardly a saint. I care about our planet, but the question is: Do I care enough? Do we all care enough?

I have tried many times to „stop eating pork“ or to „go Vegetarian for a week“, but I always liked meat, so it was incredibly difficult for me to actually stay consistent. I am not a big fan of pressuring people into doing something. Living a certain lifestyle. Adopting a certain diet. I think that educating yourself and making the smallest, tiniest changes is what sustainability is about. Do what works for you. And always keep improving. That is the key.

Today, I stumbled over a topic that I didn’t know a lot about and honestly didn’t think of as too important, but I was proved wrong.

I just finished watching the Netflix documentary „Seaspiracy“ and I can honestly say that I am deeply shocked. Seeing these disturbing pictures and following Ali Tabrizi around the world, trying to puzzle the dark schemes of the fishing industry together, made me realize a lot of things. From how illegal this industry is in some parts over how we can’t trust labels that say the food is sustainable to human slavery, where workers get kidnapped, abused and killed every day because we just can’t stop eating sushi. All of this bullshit gets covered up by our authorities. The police. The government (!!!!!!!!!!!). That’s why I have decided to stop eating fish and seafood or at least try to minimize my consumption drastically!

This post is not there to convince you to do the same. I wrote this blog post to hold myself accountable to my words and actually follow through with this. It’s gonna be really hard for me because I LOVE seafood, but I’m gonna try my best!!

One request:

If you haven’t seen it yet, please go and watch „Seaspiracy“ on Netflix. It literally only takes 90 minutes and sometimes education is the first step to change.

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